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Extreme Right-Wing Groups Want Jim Jordan To Replace Paul Ryan

Extreme Right-Wing Groups Want Jim Jordan To Replace Paul Ryan

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Jim Jordan is facing increased scrutiny over his role in the sexual abuse cases being brought against Ohio State University during his time as an assistant wrestling coach. Despite several credible sources coming forward, some of the Republican Party’s most extreme right-wing groups are mounting an effort to replace Paul Ryan with the embattled Congressman.

A new report from Politico on Wednesday suggests that “a half-dozen sources with direct knowledge of the effort,” are aware of the following groups helping Jordan: Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Conservative Leadership Fund, Tea Party Patriots, and For America.

Those groups believe they can have Jordan installed as the next House GOP leader after the midterm elections.

“Everyone knows that if Jim Jordan ran the House of Representatives, his agenda would be the agenda Republicans campaigned and won on,” FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon told Politico. “Jordan would connect the grassroots back to the House majority.”

The groups are planning a September 26 rally which they hope will draw enough attention to Jordan’s House Speaker efforts to get him nominated for the role. At that event, attendees have been asked to: “Flood the halls of Congress with the sound of your voice and make it perfectly clear to YOUR Members of Congress that YOU want conservative champion Jim Jordan as the next Speaker of the House.” The current GOP frontrunner is Kevin McCarthy.

Jordan is a co-founder of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus, an organization that has stepped on Donald Trump’s toes on several occasions, claiming the President hasn’t done enough to deliver on ultra-conservative views that are not shared among a majority of Americans.

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In announcing his intent to run for speaker, Jordan wrote: “Our clear mandate will be to continue working with President Trump to keep the promises we made.”

With an increasing number of polls showing a likely shift of Democratic control of the House during the 2018 mid-term elections, the efforts of the more extreme right-wing groups may soon be focused on that call for the new ultra-conservative leadership they desire.

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