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Exclusive Recording Exposes Jacob Wohl’s Surefire Intelligence

Exclusive Recording Exposes Jacob Wohl’s Surefire Intelligence

Surefire Intelligence’s Mike Wilcox is named as the man who investigated alleged Robert Mueller accuser Carolyne Cass.  Mike Wilcox is also the individual who sent threatening text messages and made threatening phone calls to Hill Reporter in regards to Lorraine Parsons. In reality, Mike Wilcox doesn’t appear to exist, but his voice sounds very much like Jacob Wohl’s father, David Wohl.  

It was October 22, 2018, just a few days after dozens of journalists, including Hill Reporter, received a bizarre email from a woman named Lorraine Parsons, when Hill Reporter’s Brian Krassenstein received a threatening text message, followed by a phone call. Parsons claimed to have been offered money in order to allege sexual assault against special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Lorraine Parsons Apparent Hoax Leads Up to Carolyne Cass’ Allegations

As much as it seemed like a hoax, the individual who claimed her name was Lorraine Parsons, said that she was offered money by a man named Bill Christensen, on behalf of conservative radio host Jack Burkman. This was just two weeks prior to Burkman teaming with right-wing Twitter troll Jacob Wohl, and his company Surefire Intelligence, to hold a press conference.  During that press conference, they alleged that a woman named Carolyne Cass had been raped by Robert Mueller at a New York City hotel several years ago.

Threatening Text Message and Phone Call From ‘Mike Wilcox’ of Surefire Intelligence

Prior to Cass’ allegations coming to light, many journalists simply wrote the Parsons accusations off as a hoax, which still appears to be the case.  Hill Reporter, however, decided to dig deeper, so we called the number that Parsons claimed she had received these monetary offers from.  We reached a generic voicemail, but moments later, we received a text message which appeared to be a veiled threat, telling us to drop our investigation and showing us that they knew where we lived. Less than 30 minutes later, this text was followed up by a phone call, further telling us to drop our investigation into Parson’s allegations.

Threatening text message (our personal addresses are redacted for security reasons)

The phone call, which originated from the same DC/Virginia area code as the text message above, continued with veiled threats, at which point we began recording the conversation.  As you can hear in the recording below, which took place on October 22, 2018, at 3:27 PM ET, the man identifies himself as “Mike Wilcox” of Surefire Intelligence, while insisting that we do not contact Lorraine Parsons again.

So who is this “Mike Wilcox”?  Does he even exist?

In our phone call with Mike Wilcox (above), he says that he is “the head of PR for Surefire Intelligence.” His name also happens to be mentioned in the accusations report that Surefire Intelligence released on November 1 — 10 days after our phone call — alleging that Robert Mueller raped Carolyne Cass.  In this report (excerpt seen below), he is referred to not as “the head of PR” but rather simply an “investigator.”

Surefire Intelligence Accusation Report (excerpt)

When Hill Reporter reached out to Jacob Wohl last week to ask him who Mike Wilcox is, he told us, “Mike Wilcox is a student of an associate whom I work with.”

Hill Reporter than began digging, and we couldn’t find a Mike Wilcox who actually worked for Surefire Intelligence.  We began pondering: Could Mike Wilcox not really exist?  Could Mike Wilcox really be someone else associated with Jacob Wohl, simply using this name as an alias?

Could Mike Wilcox really be Jacob Wohl’s father, David Wohl?

As we continued investigating, we realized that Mike Wilcox’s voice sounded very much like, if not identical to Jacob Wohl’s father, David Wohl.  As you can hear below via David Wohl’s voicemail recording, the resemblance is uncanny.

Note, we are not voice experts, so we will leave it up to you to decide if Mike Wilcox’s voice is that of David Wohl’s. If anyone knows David Wohl personally and can provide any insight or information, please contact us.

Additionally, entrepreneur, computer programmer, and activist William LeGate posted a voicemail that he had received from David Wohl when Wohl threatened him with legal action for tweets he had made against him.  We feel that this is another good example of Wohl’s voice:

It doesn’t end there.  We reached out to both David Wohl and his son Jacob Wohl, for comment on the similarity of voices.  While David never returned our calls or text messages, Jacob did.

When we questioned Jacob Wohl about why he had Mike Wilcox contact Hill Reporter and threaten us and why Wilcox’s voice sounds so similar to his fathers, Wohl answered:

“I can assure you that it’s not my father.  In fact, if you listened you would have detected an accent.”

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Note: We have not been able to detect an “accent” difference between the two voices.

We then followed up by asking Jacob Wohl how he can claim that he had no knowledge of Lorraine Parsons, prior to news breaking on October 30. That news brought to light the fact that the special counsel asked the FBI to open an investigation into her claims.  Meanwhile, Wohls own alleged employee ‘Mike Wilcox’ contacted us eight days prior, on October 22, and told us to stop speaking to Lorraine Parsons.

“There are two ways of thinking here,” Wohl told us.  “I either believe Mike Wilcox when he tells me that he didn’t reach out to you, or I believe you guys when you tell me he did, and I’m choosing to believe Mike and it’s nothing personal but I have much more experience with his track record. And I still don’t know, frankly what you guys are talking about with respect to calls and texts and things you received — obviously it would be repugnant if somebody was making veiled or direct threats. “

The problem for Wohl, however, is that we have the receipts, by way of a recording, proving that a man claiming to be Mike Wilcox contacted us on the afternoon of October 22, as heard above, and that he made threats directed at the Hill Reporter newsroom.

As we were investigating this story, we reached out to Jacob Wohl asking for Mike Wilcox to contact us.  We were told that he would contact us on Sunday. We never received the call like promised. We also reached out to Carolyne Cass, who we have been in contact with regarding Wilcox, but have yet to hear back from her after several short conversations.

What this all means

This evidence would seemingly put Jacob Wohl, and very possibly David Wohl behind the apparent Lorraine Parson’s hoax, and if David Wohl really is ‘Mike Wilcox’, he seems to not only have broken the law by making threats, but also published a fake name for an “intelligence report” that attempted to back up Carolyne Cass’ accusations against Robert Mueller.

David Wohl is a criminal defense attorney in California as well as a frequent guest commentator on Fox News. We are not directly accusing Wohl at this time, but the Wohl’s have yet to provide us with any evidence that this ‘Mike Wilcox’ individual actually exists. Following the publication of our original Robert Mueller story, the FBI was given a copy of the Wilcox recording which possibly means the truth will soon be revealed.

If you have any information regarding Mike Wilcox, or if you can better identify Mike Wilcox’s voice, please email Hill Reporter.

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