‘#EndTheNightmare’ Trends Overnight on Twitter

On Tuesday, a new group called “Really American” released its second viral video on Twitter called “The Risk.” The video effectively turns President Trump’s own words against him. The piece juxtaposes Trump’s own words around the continuing spread of the COVID-19 virus. The one minute spot ends with the dramatic slogan “End The Nightmare” and already has over 1.6 million views in 16 hours on Twitter alone.

The disclaimer on the video says the PAC registration is pending, but Horwitz recently announced the process has been completed. Really American spokesperson Tea Pain USA, a major twitter influencer, and director says Really American’s mission is to “Defend Truth, Democracy, Social Justice and Environment.” According to the FEC website, the Really American PAC was filed one day before the release of their first video, “Chokeholds.”  You can see that video below.

The PAC’s founder, Democratic Political strategist Justin Horwitz, said this is the second of more to come: “We have a really great team, and we’re excited to play a role in helping to end the nightmare of the Trump Presidency. Everyone knows this is a nightmare, and everyone has a different view of what that nightmare means to them.” HillReporter looks forward to bring you more content from ReallyAmerican soon, and as soon as their ActBlue link is available we’d like you to please help them continue making these high-impact videos.

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