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EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Wohl Speaks Out About Michael Avenatti’s Arrest

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Wohl Speaks Out About Michael Avenatti’s Arrest

Earlier this week, conservative conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl’s company, Surefire Intelligence, seemingly took credit for recent domestic violence allegations against attorney Michael Avenatti.

After being released on bond, Avenatti made a tweet implying that Jacob Wohl and Surefire Intelligence were somehow behind the domestic abuse accusations against him, saying, “First Mueller and now me. When we are fully exonerated I am coming for you Jacob Wohl aka Surefire.”

Since then, Wohl has reached out to Hill Reporter in regards to his alleged association with Avenatti’s accuser.

It was just weeks ago that Wohl made headlines by holding a press conference in which he and conservative radio host Jack Burkman alleged that a woman named Carolyne Cass had been raped by special counsel Robert Mueller.

This press conference came only days after Hill Reporter broke a story that the special counsel had alerted the FBI of a scheme to pay women (particularly a woman that doesn’t appear to exist, named Lorraine Parson) to accuse Mueller of sexual assault. We then exposed both Burkman and Wohl in what appeared to put them in the drivers seat behind threatening text messages and phone calls, as well as fake emails, alleging to be Ms. Parsons.

Given the extent to which Hill Reporter exposed Wohl in the past, it surprised us when Wohl reached out to us on Friday, after we had been in communication with Carolyne Cass, the woman who accused Robert Mueller of rape.

Wohl backtracked on his previous tweet in which he claimed “Surefire Intelligence strikes again,” in regards to news that Avenatti had been arrested.

“Just to be in jest, not anything serious,” Wohl told us after we asked him why he tweeted such a comment. “Just in jest, yeah… sarcastic remark… joke,” he continued.

“It’s a felony domestic violence case, which means there were injuries,” Wohl explained, seemingly knowing quite a lot about Avenatti’s arrest. “That’s how it works in California.  Otherwise it’s a misdemeanor — it gets put down to a ‘415: Disturbing the Peace’.  I understand there were inaccuracies with the TMZ story, but nonetheless, this is a very serious charge that Mr. Avenatti stands accused of, and it’s completely physically impossible, and inconceivable, that I had anything to do with him being charged. How could I be behind him allegedly striking a woman?”

We explained to Wohl that many people are suggesting that he may have set Avenatti up in some way. Wohl then said something that was rather interesting:

“Yeah but it was his live-in girlfriend. So I’ve been running his live-in girlfriend as some kind of manchurian candidate for 6/7 months?”

This is quite an odd statement, given that we are unaware of any reports claiming that the woman accuser had been living with Avenatti for at least ‘6-7 months’.  After informing Wohl that we are completely unaware of the accuser having been a live-in girlfriend who had been living with Avenatti for over half a year, he seemed to backtrack a bit.

“It could be someone else, you are right.  That’s interesting to point out, but anyway, OK, well that’s that on that story.”

Yesterday TMZ published a video in which Michael Avenatti again threatened Wohl, apparently with legal action in regards to his arrest for domestic violence.  He has yet to provide any details for his assumptions that Wohl was involved though. Wohl, however, seems to be basking in the glory of the attention it’s attracting to him.

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Avenatti has not been known to traffic in conspiracy theories, so the mere fact that he seems to be implying, over and over again, that Wohl is behind his arrest makes many believe that he is basing his assumptions off of more than just a single tweet by Surefire Intelligence.

We asked Wohl why he thinks Avenatti believes that he is involved.

“Well I don’t actually think that he believes that I’m involved,” Wohl explained.  “I really don’t think that he believes that.  There are two people who certainly know what happened. It’s him and it’s this person (accuser).  Again, I don’t think he’s coming to that conclusion.  I think he’s blaming me as a way to profess his innocence….. I’m not sure who [the accuser] is.  The evidence would suggest that she lived with him — i.e. ‘Domestic Violence’.”

Avenatti is scheduled for a court appearance on December 5, barring that the charges are not dropped before then.  He has yet to provide many details of his account of what took place on the day of his arrest.



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