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Exclusive: Carolyne Cass Admits Mueller Rape Report Has False Information She Didn’t Want Published

Exclusive: Carolyne Cass Admits Mueller Rape Report Has False Information She Didn’t Want Published

In an exclusive interview with HillReporter, alleged Mueller rape accuser Carolyne Cass opens up and tells us that she does not know if Mueller was actually the person who raped her and that both Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman published and shared, against her will, ‘inaccurate‘ statements during a November 1st press conference.  Cass, who doesn’t deny being raped during the time period that Wohl and Burkman claimed, admits multiple errors in the published accusation document and doesn’t recall if she ever personally signed the report.  In fact, Cass was assured by Burkman and Wohl that the document would “never be released.”  Here’s her story.

On November 1, 2018, in an Arlington, Virginia Holiday Inn conference room one of the craziest press conferences in recent memory took place. At the conference, 20-year-old Jacob Wohl, joined by conservative radio host and known conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman announced that they had a signed accusation report by a woman named Carolyne Cass. The report claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller had raped Cass in a New York City hotel ‘on or about August 2, 2010.’

Shortly before the press conference took place, HillReporter blew the story wide open, linking the forthcoming allegations to a firm called SureFire Intelligence and well-known Trump supporter Jacob Wohl. Several claims within the 3-page accusation report, presented to the press by Burkman and Wohl, were immediately questioned by reporters, and the woman named in the report, Carolyne Cass, pulled out of the event at the last moment. Now, she has decided to finally come forward exclusively to HillReporter in order to tell her story.

Carolyne Cass, who currently resides in Southern California, was the woman who allegedly signed the accusation report that Wohl and Burkman presented to the press. The document claimed that “on or around August 2, 2010”, at the St. Regis hotel bar in New York City, a man “identified himself as Robert Mueller” before he bought Cass a drink, and coerced her up to his suite where he raped her. Cass tells us that the document is ‘inaccurate,” and that the man who raped her never showed her identification or even told her his name.

“There was a man who looked like [Robert Mueller]. I can’t confirm or deny that it is or is not him,” she clarified. “It happened like 10 years ago… I have no proof. I didn’t steal his identification card or anything. I didn’t snap a photo of him… I didn’t tell anybody because I was fearing for my life. It does look like this guy. At the end of the month (after the rape), my ex-stepmom Kristine and my half sister Saundra ended up dead and that was splashed all over the news and I was very terrified at that point.”

According to Cass, Burkman and Wohl released the 3-page signed document with multiple inaccuracies and against her wishes, and she doesn’t remember if she personally signed the accusation report.

Twitter user @Scribunda shared a photo of the document which shows a DocuSign’ed signature with the name “Carolyne Cass.”

Cass Admits To False Statements In The Report

“Everything in the document is not accurate, and that’s why I didn’t want the document coming out,” Cass told us.

She explained that when they transcribed her testimony, it didn’t translate entirely accurately to the report.

We pressed her again on whether or not she actually used DocuSign or another online signature service to sign the accusation document or if someone did it for her.

“I can’t really remember right now, but I mean at that time I had told them that [the correct changes] had not been made on the document, and they were like ‘don’t even worry about it, this document is never going to be released’,” Cass told us.

Ultimately Cass never showed up for the press conference and Burkman and Wohl released the document without her permission.

Why She Didn’t Show Up To The Press Conference

“There were just a lot of complications on my end that I didn’t want to show up because of. And I wasn’t aware of these other people making allegations. You know, like Lorraine Parsons. I don’t know who they are or why they would be making these claims. And here I come along with what happened to me and I’m already getting attacked by everybody and Jacob (Wohl) is already getting attacked by everybody… I just didn’t feel that it was very fair for me and I didn’t have a very solid platform to come forward with because of all these other allegations, and the timing was off,” Cass explained.

Cass goes on to tell us that the incident that occurred in August of 2010 was the second time she had been raped, and she didn’t come forward at the time because she felt as if the system was rigged against her.

“It just seems like the system doesn’t follow through with people like me, and I don’t know how many times I deserve to be raped before somebody takes action on it.“

When we questioned Cass about the press conference and the possibility that Burkman and Wohl may have been using her for their own sake, possibly targeting a man who may be innocent, Robert Mueller, and overshadowing her as a victim of sexual assault, she seemed to have mixed emotions.

“I did see the press conference which was very embarrassing, but I did tell them one thing and did another just like they told me one thing and did another,” Cass said, referring to the fact that she backed out of the press conference at the very last minute, as well as Wohl and Burkman releasing an inaccurate document against her will.

“I don’t think that Jacob (Wohl) or Jack (Burkman) — I mean I don’t know them that well — but I don’t think that they are bad guys. I think that all the time they don’t do such a thorough job when they come forward with things. Jacob has done nothing to me to make me think that he’s a bad guy,“ she continued.

No Plans To Set The Record Straight

Being that an inaccurate story was presented by Burkman and Wohl regarding her allegations, we were curious if Cass planned on releasing a new, corrected document detailing her accusations.

“I can think about it, but honestly I don’t really want to be involved at this point. All the scrutiny and everything, I don’t know why it is relevant or why it would matter if I did something like that. At this point, the justice system and people high up have failed me and violated me, it’s hard for me to feel like I want to do that. It’s a waste of my time and energy. I want to live my life,” she explained.

We then asked if a possible police report may be coming in regards to her rape allegations, Cass claimed to have filed previous reports.

“I have filed police reports in the past and they have gotten me nowhere, so probably no. I will probably not file a police report just because of how poor the justice system is and how violated I have become in the past making police reports. They don’t even go after rapists. They actually allow them to escape and live their lives freely, and the victims are usually left in despair and further violated. Getting a police report out of me is going to be very difficult,” Cass told us.

Carolyne Cass’ Past And How She Connected With Surefire Intelligence

Throughout the interview, which lasted well over an hour, Cass on multiple occasions became clearly emotional. There is no doubt that the emotions began to get to her as she described dark portions of her past. Her story includes two different rapes as well as individuals she says played a part in her torment, including a man named Erik Desando.

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Desando, who Cass successfully sued last year, and according to Cass, still owes her money, is described by Cass as an individual with a shady history.

“The people involved in ripping me off were Erik Desando, Alex Cantrell, Tal Vincent, and Peter Baratti. Erik is the ringleader. He uses certain people who have sketchy clout. The whole thing with Erik catapulted me to retaining Surefire. I retained Surefire in regards to the Erik thing. Erik is not only a drug dealer and addicted to drugs himself, but he’s been threatening me and has extorted me for money, and has tried for several years to recruit me into his prostitution ring here in LA, and the more I didn’t go along with it, the more he kinda came at me. The threats got worse and people started coming out trying to destroy my reputation. He did a lot of bad things to me and it’s just a very sensitive subject for me to talk about.”

“Not only is it embarrassing me for but it’s something that I don’t think that anybody should have to be subjected to and you know there is a lot of people involved with Erik Desando and his little prostitution ring, and it’s disguised as a self-help modeling online thing. Through a simple Google search, I could have found out that he was a bad guy but I just didn’t even do that.”

Indeed, a Google search for Erik Desando immediately turned up a story about his past involving the attempted sexual abuse of a former Miss California USA contestant.

“He was trying to pimp me out to a lot of celebrity clients or celebrity friends and kind of disguise it as like ‘oh you’re in a relationship with this person’. He and his associates used my photos that they took in a photo shoot that I had paid them for to pimp and pander online. They would use my photos to bait men and then send other girls up to meet these men and then the girls would return and they would call me to try to get me to go out on these jobs. I was one of the more fortunate ones in this situation to get out with my life.”

Cass Turns To Wohl To Help Fight Back Against Desando

Cass tells us that Wohl had helped her deal with the fallout she has had with Desando as well as those working around him.

“Jacob has been an incredible support system for me throughout this process. He’s been the only one to try and seek any sort of justice for me. He helped me to get away from these people.  He helped me in the process to get away from Erik,” she explained.

After spending nearly an hour and a half on the phone with this young woman, it’s clear that she’s been hurt greatly over the course of the last decade by multiple men.  It’s also clear that the emotions, which boil over when she discusses her past, are almost overwhelming to her.

Cass appears to realize that others may be using her for their own agenda but at the same time has continued to want to protect Jacob Wohl, repeatedly mentioning that he’s only “20-years-old and means no harm.” Cass also pondered whether Wohl and Burkman have had her best interest at heart.

“I’m not sure if Jacob (Wohl) and Jack (Burkman) did all that they did out of fear for me because of everything they know about me or they were just trying to get attention. I’d like to think that it’s the [former], but you never know everyone’s intentions,” Cass explained. “He’s a 20-year-old,” Cass stated again, referring to Wohl.  “He can’t even drink yet. Literally, I feel that people are attacking him because he is so young and doing so many things.“

Cass’ Thoughts On David Wohl

Finally, Cass brought up an interesting opinion of David Wohl, the father of Jacob, who also happens to be a criminal defense attorney in California. After we mentioned the fact that David seems to be egging Jacob on in regards to tweets, allegations and a general sense of trolling she explained what she believes to be David’s thought-process.

“It’s not that obscure for his father (David), who is a criminal defender.  If he turns his son into a criminal, he can defend him.  His dad only knows how to defend criminals, so the proof is in the pudding.  Think about it.  It’s not that far off.  At the end of the day, they are family and that’s what they are going to do for each other.  Jacob is a 20-year-old kid who isn’t doing anything wrong.  He’s just trying to get his name out there.”

While there are still many questions left to be answered, it is clear from Carolyne Cass’ statements that Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman willfully released an accusation document against Robert Mueller which they knew to contain lies.

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