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Exclusive: Avenatti Has 4 Security Cams That Reportedly Prove His Innocence

Exclusive: Avenatti Has 4 Security Cams That Reportedly Prove His Innocence

Early Tuesday morning Attorney Michael Avenatti posted a tweet in which he claimed video evidence would exonerate him of any crimes. In the tweet, Avenatti said, “There is nothing more powerful than video evidence.”

At first glance, we believed Avenatti was speaking about the Instagram footage HillReporter exclusively obtained on Monday night. Before we were able to ask Avenatti about the tweet, we received information from a source with ties to the lawyer who spoke to a very different form of video evidence.

Our source says that Avenatti is in possession of extensive security footage from four different security cameras located in strategic parts of the apartment complex where Avenatti was arrested.

According to our source, the video footage clearly shows that on Tuesday night Avenatti and Mareli Miniutti were indeed together. However, no physical contact was witnessed between the pair. Throughout Tuesday and well into Wednesday night the apartment complex continued to capture footage.

The original TMZ story published on November 15 claims that Avenatti’s accuser first had a confrontation with Avenatti at an “exclusive apartment building in the Century City area of L.A.” That confrontation was followed with a second event the following night outside of the same apartment complex, according to TMZ. During the second confrontation, the celebrity news site claimed Miniutti could be seen “sobbing and screaming on the phone, ‘I can’t believe you did this to me. I’m going to get a restraining order against you.'”

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Our source with knowledge of the investigation says the four security cameras located at strategic parts of the apartment show that none of the story TMZ reported is true. The source says Avenatti never ran “angrily” into the building as TMZ reports and he never shouted “This is bulls***, this is f***in bullsh***” while trying to push past security who denied him access.

Instead, our contact says Avenatti walked into the building without confrontation, accessed the elevator without security interference, and engaged in no violent or other forms of contact with his accuser.

Our source confirms that Avenatti’s early morning tweet is associated with the security camera footage and not with Miniutti’s Instagram post as some people have speculated. After viewing the footage, they say Avenatti has reason to be optimistic about clearing his name.

We have reached out to Avenatti for further comment but have not received an answer back at the time of this story.

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