Exclusive: Here’s What Michael Avenatti’s Accuser Posted On Instagram Hours After His Arrest

Michael Avenatti was arrested on November 14, 2018, in what police described as a felony domestic violence case. In the days that have followed, we have sat idly by waiting for Avenatti’s accuser to come forward.

On Monday, November 19, Avenatti’s accuser was revealed to be Mareli Miniutti, an aspiring actress who filed her petition against Avenatti in Santa Monica, California.

The Avenatti case from the start has been marred in complete and utter confusion. First, TMZ wrongfully reported that it was Avenatti’s estranged wife who brought charges against him. Later that the day, both of Avenatti’s ex-wives said he had never acted violently toward them in any way.

On Monday night we received anonymous photos and footage that shows Mareli Miniutti’s activity on her personal Instagram page just hours after accusing Avenatti of domestic abuse. Miniutti has since made her Instagram page private but not before the following posts and video proof was captured. Our source notes that the posts were placed on Instagram just hours after Avenatti was taken into custody.

While everyone deserves the right to show distress in their own way, Miniutti seems downright happy just hours after Avenatti was taken into custody. This is a screenshot of one video she posted.

The string of posts, shared hours after Avenatti was taken into custody do not seem to paint the violent picture that was first reported by TMZ. The publication originally said their law enforcement source claimed Miniutti’s face was “swollen and bruised” from the incident that took place on Tuesday.

Prior to his arrest on Wednesday, the publication further reported that Avenatti’s accuser was covering her bruised face with sunglasses while screaming into her cell phone, “I can’t believe you did this to me.”

We don’t know the severity of those bruises but based on her Instagram posts, either a lot of makeup was applied or TMZ’s report was once again incorrect.

While the posts themselves don’t point to Avenatti’s innocence, they do elicit more questions about why hours after she was allegedly seen on the street crying and screaming at Avenatti, his accuser, apparently bruise free or hidden, was posting new live messages to Instagram.

Along with the photos we received video proof of their posting time for time validation purposes and to showcase the Instagram videos in their original format. 

Avenatti has been quick to adamantly deny all claims and has promised to clear his name. Almost immediately after Miniutti came forward, Avenatti sent the following tweet:

At this time there are still more questions than answers.  Court records regarding Miniutti’s restraining order against Avenatti do not reveal details of the altercation. Prosecutors have also not moved forward with any charges against Avenatti at this time, a fact that was verified by TheWrap when they reached out to a District Attorney on Monday.

Following his arrest the LAPD said he was handcuffed on “suspicion” he struck the woman who at the time had not revealed herself to be Miniutti.

According to court records, a hearing is scheduled for December 10.

With a story steeped in so much mystery, we will wait for further information to become available and offer updates as we learn more.

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