[EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Epidemiologist Explains Why Trump’s Tulsa Rally Can Be A Deadly Super-Spreader Event

Scott Dworkin from the Dworkin Report and  Co-Founder of the Democratic Coalition speaks with Dr. Eric Fiegl-Ding, a Harvard epidemiologist and health economist. Dr. Ding was the first American scientist to sound the alarm about coronavirus in a truly large way. It’s not easy to achieve clarity in a crisis, even less so when the crisis is budding and hasn’t yet become a full-on catastrophe. But that’s what Dr. Ding achieved.

Now, he’s here speak with Scott and blow the whistle on Trump’s Tulsa rally as a potential super spreader event. He even explained the differences between the massive Black Lives Matter protests across America and the Trump political event, and why it could be so much more dangerous for more than just those who attend, but their families and communities.

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