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Ex Watergate Prosecutor Says When Cipollone Talks to Grand Jury, it Will be Trump’s Worst Day [VIDEO]

Ex Watergate Prosecutor Says When Cipollone Talks to Grand Jury, it Will be Trump’s Worst Day [VIDEO]

Pat Cipollone acted as the White House Counsel during Donald Trump’s last months in office. Witness testimony has shown that the lawyer often talked Trump out of acting on his worst instincts.

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Cipollone has recently been subpoenaed to talk to a grand jury about January 6th. When asked for a prediction, former Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman said that this is very bad for Trump.

Host Ari Melber asked,  “I want us to really be clear about what’s happening. There is this thing, a bias in the human mind, and certainly in the news media, where you get tired of something. You say, I heard about Cipollone, so what. But from what I understand, the worst day ever in this whole thing is now, because this isn’t the whole thing. This is the federal criminal probe. For someone who says ‘Enough with Pat,’ can you explain that?”

The former prosecutor continued:

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“I think that this is actually the worst day for Donald Trump, because Pat Cipollone is going to be talking more before the grand jury. The January 6 Committee — they were concerned about getting him in there, getting Pat in there. But they bent over backwards. They allowed him, basically, to claim executive privilege with any conversations he had with Donald Trump. They allowed him to claim attorney-client privilege. None of this is going to go anywhere with the feds. He is going to claim privileges with individual questions. They will take him to a court judge, who is going to order him to testify and tell him there is no privilege. He could appeal it to the circuit court, but all of this will go much quicker behind closed doors.”

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