Ex Trump Aide Wants Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman Court Martialed

When they make the decision to report wrong doing by a superior, whistle-blowers know that the stakes are high. And that’s the reason why there are protections in place to protect them from reprisals.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman certainly knew the risks when he reported Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call to his superiors. He was bashed on Conservative media and feared for the safety of his family. Now an ex-Trump adviser, Christain Whiton, is asking for the officer to be court martialed by the Army.

Whiton, who served in both the George W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations, frequently appears on Fox News. The pundit believes that Vindman blew the whistle not out of obligation to his country, but out of a hatred for Trump.

The former adviser tweeted, “To protect the military from being seen as political, Vindman must be court martialed for speaking contemptuously of the President and violating the chain of command. The law isn’t optional just because an officer hates his commander in chief.”

Whiton isn’t the only prominent Conservative to attack Vindman this week. Marsha Blackburn has been a frequent critic of the Lt. Col. and continued her onslaught on Thursday.

The Tennessee senator tweeted, “Adam Schiff is hailing Alexander Vindman as an American patriot. How patriotic is it to badmouth and ridicule our great nation in front of Russia, America’s greatest enemy?”

Last month, David Norquist, the Deputy Defense Secretary, vowed to protect Vindman. He said in a statement, “Let me assure you, the Department will not tolerate any act of retaliation or reprisal. Further, we are committed to taking whatever steps are necessary, consistent with Section 714 of Title 10, US code, to ensure the security of LTC Vindman.”




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