Ex-Trump Aide Says He's Preparing for a Guilty Verdict [VIDEO]

Donald Trump, for many reasons, has been getting away with things since he was a very young man. The former President has been involved with a significant amount of court cases, but has always been able to skate away. That skating, though, could come to an end in New York in the coming days. 

Polling has shown that many voters could be swayed if the former President is to be convicted of a crime. And Trump and his team are ready to spin. According to former aide Alyssa Farah Griffin, they have a spin prepared if Trump is to be convicted. 

The View co-host was a recent guest on CNN and told Wolf Blitzer, "Listen, I think Trump world is really bracing for the impact of a conviction. There's clearly already a bit of a strategy underway."

Noting that Trump's surrogates are already acting as if they need to attack the conviction, Farah Griffin continued, "so what you're doing is laying the groundwork because this is out of his control. He does not know where the jury is going to come down."

The former top Pence aide closed, "There's a very real chance he could be convicted, so he needs his outside allies out there convincing the public that there was something untoward here, that he wasn't treated properly.."