Ex: Trump Adviser: Trump's Behavior in Court Partly Due to Diet Coke Withdrawl

When Donald Trump was in the White House, you only saw him when he felt like being seen and was properly prepped. The current New York City trial is showing what happens to the President when he isn't able to hide his weird behavior. 

There have been countless reports about Trump falling asleep while in court, which is certainly not a good look for someone who frequently refers to his opponent as Sleepy Joe. David Urban, a former Trump strategist, had a theory as to why things are going to poorly for his former employer.

Urban was responding to CNN's Erin Burnett, who asked:

"I was in the courtroom the other day and I saw him lean back sometimes closing — I saw that, I'm actually just going to take this very seriously for one second and say, it did not appear to me that he was ever sleeping. He was paying attention in various positions. However, the way he chooses to do this is to focus on his 'beautiful blue eyes' and the optics. He cares about the optics."

"Yeah," said the former Trump staffer. "Look, it's — that's a classic Trump tweet, right, about this. He's trying to make light of the situation a little bit and say, look, I'm not sleeping, although I have to say, sitting there for hours and hours and hours without a Diet Coke, it's probably killing him."