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Ex Spokesperson: The Best Way to Beat Trump is By Attacking His Terrible Endorsements

Ex Spokesperson: The Best Way to Beat Trump is By Attacking His Terrible Endorsements

Donald Trump could care less about the Republican party. The only thing he really cares about is himself and what is best for his brand. So when Trump makes endorsements, he is focused on what makes him happy and not what makes the GOP successful.

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Alyssa Farah Griffin served as Mike Pence’s press secretary. She recently opined that the best way to attack Trump electorally is by calling him out for his selfish endorsements.

Farah Griffin told the Washington Post, “The biggest way to defeat him is to electorally chip away at the notion he is the most powerful endorsement in the country. He still is, but smart operatives need to play against him in races where he’s made dumb endorsements.”

The report continues:

“In at least one high-profile case, Trump has shown caution, dropping Alabama Senate candidate Mo Brooks as an endorsee when Brooks faded in the polls, after watching his first Pennsylvania endorsement, Sean Parnell, withdraw from the race.

But in other races, he continues to lean in. He is likely to endorse candidates in several more competitive primaries, even as some people around him say he is willing to take risks they would not. Advisers say he wants to hold rallies in almost every key state where he has made an endorsement.”

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The former President has faced criticism for backing Herschel Walker in Georgia, Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania and JD Vance in Ohio. If they are to secure the Republican nomination, all three candidates face difficult races in the fall.


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