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Ex-RNC Chair Steele Says GOP Will Just Roll Out Lies About Gun Control Until the Moment Passes

Ex-RNC Chair Steele Says GOP Will Just Roll Out Lies About Gun Control Until the Moment Passes

Over the last two weeks, there have been two mass shootings in the country. When these moments happen, Republicans are ready with talking points about why there should be no gun control. Senator John Kennedy referenced a common one yesterday when he compared mass shootings to car accidents.

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Michael Steele knows all to well about how Republicans handle these situations. The frequent critic of the GOP was once the chair of the party. On Wednesday morning, Steele told Joe Scarborough that Republicans will just roll out lies until the outrage about the situation passes.

Morning Joe opened with Steele explaining, “It has been a lie that’s been promulgated, perpetuated and just rolled out at moments like this for the last 20 years or so. And the reality is exactly in the space that you’ve described. The Supreme Court has given us the clarity that we need on the Second Amendment and what it means and what it doesn’t mean with respect to individual liberties.”

The pundit continued:

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“For Democrats, just move to that space where you can have the conversation,” he added. “For Republicans, since you’re so hot about all they’re going to take our guns — put a proposal on the table that you think will address the issues as Ted Cruz and others have noted. So, we’re going to do this dance, we’ve done it before. We’ve heard it before in Columbine, Aurora — you name it. After all of these horrific events, our legislatures get in the room and they say exactly what they just said. You could have taken tape, Joe, after Columbine, after Aurora, any of these events. Just play it, put it on a loop.”

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