Ex-Republican Max Boot Rips Fox News For Their COVID-19 Coverage

Max Boot is a Conservative author who was prominent the party since the early 2000’s. Donald Trump was a bridge too far for the writer, though, and he now considers himself a “man without a party.”

The author still appears on television networks and also sometimes writes for the Washington Post. In his latest Post piece, Boot blasted the Fox News network for their dangerous coverage of COVID-19.

Boot was critical of the network for blaming Obama for health crises without taking a stance on Trump’s performance. He wrote:

In 2014, Fox News commentators were blaming President Barack Obama for the spread of Ebola. Now they’re blaming everyone except the president. On Monday, Trish Regan was on Fox Business denouncing coronavirus concern as ‘yet another attempt to impeach the president.’ In her demented view, Trump’s opponents are deliberately inducing stock-market losses (presumably Democrats don’t own 401(k)s?) in an attempt to ‘to demonize and destroy the president.’ Naturally Trump — Fox News viewer No. 1 — retweeted her diatribe.”

The writer continued his attack, “Never has their contempt for the truth been more dangerous than it is today. To defeat coronavirus, we must first combat the mental afflictions — irrationality, conspiracy-mongering and Dear Leader-like devotion to Trump — spread by exposure to right-wing media.”

Surprisingly, there was one Fox News personality that Boot didn’t come down on, Tucker Carlson. The author credited Carlson for saying, “people you trust, people you probably voted for,” aren’t taking this virus seriously enough.

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