Ex-Mandalorian Actress Gina Carano Joins Ben Shapiro In “Uncancelled” Film Plan

Gina Carano is, Ben Shapiro promises us, “uncancelled.” “Cancel Culture” is the term that conservatives have been using to stand in for the concept of facing consequences for actions, and Shapiro won’t let it happen to Carano if he can help it.

[Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic,]

Carano will star in a film available only to subscribers of the Daily Wire, the publication announces. The Daily Wire is a right-wing site founded by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing in 2015.

This debut on the conservative news and opinion site is proposed as a means to offset the loss of Gina Carano’s role in Disney‘s The Mandalorian. Disney is a company with a massive media reach, nearly 100 years old and with reportedly near 100 million subscribers on its Disney Plus app alone.

Shapiro is advertising Carano’s appearance on the site to boost membership, even offering a discount to those who use her name as a promo code. In a tweet, Carona described her partnership with Shapiro as the beginning of a rebellion.

Disney had, according to Holleywood Reporter, previously planned an entire spin-off series starring Carano, until her tweets promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and COVID-19 pandemic soured viewers on the plans.

Then Carano really tested her employers’ limits. According to Newsweek, she posted on Instagram comparing the deplatforming of a handful of public figures for violation of terms of service, including racist remarks, violence, and misinformation, to mass murder for being born Jewish, and it was over.

The actress was fired, and Disney announced that it had no plans of working with her going forwards. She has not stated what her future plans may be after her appearance in one Ben Shapiro film for a limited audience.

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