EX GW Bush Speechwriter: Acquittal Will Embolden Trump to Cheat More Openly in 2020

Republican lawmakers have all but promised Donald Trump that they will use their senate majority to acquit him in his impeachment case. While some are willing to admit his request of the Ukraine was wrong, they also argue that it wasn’t enough to remove him from office.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The President has seemingly been emboldened by the support from lawmakers within the GOP. Former George W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson said that Trump will be further emboldened by the acquittal leading to more profound cheating in the 2020 election.

Gerson made the argument in a piece her penned for the Washington Post.

The former speechwriter believed that it is very unlikely that Trump will be chastened by the process. “The president never views a near-miss as an opportunity for reflection and reformation,” he wrote. “He sees it as permission to indulge his every urge.”

Gerson also argued that Republicans realize Trump did wrong and they want the trial over as fast as possible. He continues, “Having decided that no amount of evidence would be sufficient for conviction, they (Republicans) realize that the presentation of a full and compelling case would convict them of servility and institutional surrender. So a quick and dirty Senate trial is the best way to limit the exposure of their malpractice.”

The speechwriter ends the column by warning voters that more cheating could be on the way. “And his most consistent urge has been to seek unfair advantage in the upcoming presidential election. The months between Senate acquittal and the November vote will be fertile ground for further cheating.”

You can read Gerson’s entire piece here.

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