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Ex Governor of Hawaii Calls for Tulsi Gabbard’s Resignation

Ex Governor of Hawaii Calls for Tulsi Gabbard’s Resignation

Tulsi Gabbard has  served as the Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd District since 2013 and she is quite a controversial politician. While Gabbard was elected as a Democrat, some of her previous and current leanings stand in opposition to the party’s beliefs.

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The Hawaiian lawmaker is running for the Democratic nomination and has been having difficulty qualifying for debates. She has also made her campaign a full-time job and has missed many congressional votes. Former Hawaii governor Neil Abecrombie says that the congresswoman should resign from office if she is not going to properly represent her district.

Gabbard has missed a number of votes since she has announced her candidacy. She did, however, vote present on the Donald Trump impeachment articles.

The former Hawaii governor said, “Then she didn’t vote on the budget for next year. I thought, ‘That’s it.’ Regardless of what her intentions were or what her motivations are, she’s not able to do the job for the 2nd District.”

Abercrombie, himself, has experience with this kind of decision. In 2010, he resigned from the United States congress and waged a winning bid for the Hawaii governorship. He said of that situation, “Trying to do my job in Washington and run for office, another office, in Hawaii was just too difficult. I couldn’t do it. I had hoped maybe I could do it, and it became obvious that I couldn’t. So I resigned my seat.”

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The former governor has thrown his support behind Gabbard’s primary opponent, Hawaii state senator Kai Kahele.


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