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Ex GOP Rep: Republicans Disgusted With Trump but Won’t Bolt Yet

Ex GOP Rep: Republicans Disgusted With Trump but Won’t Bolt Yet

Charlie Dent served in Pennsylvania’s 15th District from 2005 to 2017. He served in a left leaning district and sometimes sided with Democratic lawmakers on bipartisan bills. Now, Dent often appears on cable news to give a moderate Republican perspective on the actions of Donald Trump.

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The former congressman was asked by CNN about the impeachment inquiry and how his former colleagues feel about it. While Dent admitted that many GOP lawmakers are fatigued by the Trump presidency, they are not ready to leave his side yet.

Dent said of a number of Republicans, “There’s no question, having spoken to many of them privately, they’re absolutely disgusted and exhausted by the president’s behavior. They resent being put in this position all the time.”

At the same time, many of these elected officials understand that breaking with Trump could end their political careers. Many serve in districts where the president is very popular. Dent continued, “[they] are in a situation where they understand their base pressure, the base has not yet bolted from the president.”

The former Pennsylvania congressman says that if he was still serving the evidence would be enough for him to begin an inquiry. He said that he would certainly have, “voted for the impeachment inquiry based on the facts as I understand them now.” He also noted that he would “probably support” removal.

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Dent, however, was an unusual Republican who was pro-choice and voted against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Watch Dent’s comments below, courtesy of CNN:

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