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EX-GOP Leader, Covered In Blood And Pet Hair, Walks Free Because ‘God Made Me Do It’

EX-GOP Leader, Covered In Blood And Pet Hair, Walks Free Because ‘God Made Me Do It’

Dog murdered by gop leader

Former leader of the South Carolina Republican Party, Todd Kincannon, was taken into custody after reportedly brutally killing his mother’s dog, Bailey, a 10-year-old beagle-cattle dog mix. He says that God told him to do it, and he is the second coming of Jesus.

It’s not Kincannon’s first time being accused of violent behavior. In 2015, he allegedly threatened to kill his wife and her family. Now, he has reportedly been allowed to walk away from custody, despite a no-bond order.

Dog murdered by gop leader
Photo Credit: Tsaag Valren via Wikimedia Commons [Stock Photo]
Kincannon has a controversial history going back even further — such as in 2013, when Daily Beast reports that he tweeted to a military veteran who expressed anti-war sentiments that it was “a shame [the veteran] didn’t come home in a body bag” and that he hoped if the man returned to combat, “the enemy splatters his brain JFK-style.” At the time, Kincannon was already a bit of a public figure, as he had, in 2009, served as a leader of the South Carolina Republican Party.

In 2015, Kincannon was again in the public eye representing his party, as he was arrested in April on domestic violence charges, after refusing to let his wife, Ashley (who has since returned to her maiden name, Griffith), out of a vehicle he was driving, when she asked to be released because he was screaming at her. According to FITSNews, Ashley rolled down a window and shouted for help, hoping that someone would call 911, and when that didn’t work, phoned her mother for help. Then she attempted to dial 911 herself to allow the dispatcher to hear her husband’s threats. However, when the man saw a police vehicle, he threatened to drive the car into a concrete barrier if the police tried to become involved.

In August of that same year Kincannon had his law license suspended, due to threatening emails he had sent to people involved with that case.

Now, Kincannon is undergoing psychiatric evaluation, after claiming to be the second coming of Christ, and choking and stabbing to death his mother’s beloved pet in what he calls a necessary blood sacrifice ordered by God. His mother reportedly called police from the bathroom, where she had locked herself in for safety. When police arrived, they found Kincannon covered in blood and pet hair. WYFF4 quotes the man claiming that this was a religious act.

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I have a sign. I’m about to get crucified in the media. The reason I killed the dog is this, it’s real simple, I’m sorry, I think y’all are going to have to take me to the institution, I get that. But I’ll tell you from a legal standpoint you know, it’s in the state Constitution that God is a sovereign and I honestly think he told me to do it.

Kincannon reportedly told police to take his own dog, Noodle, to his pastor, in fear that his mother might retaliate in kind. However, FitsNews reports that Noodle belongs to his ex, Ashley Griffith, and that a court order demanded Kincannon return the dog in 2016.

While Kincannon was supposed to be arrested after his psychiatric evaluation, he reportedly was allowed to leave the hospital, and was not immediately taken back into custody.

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