Ex-GOP Governor Explains Why There is No Longer A Republican Party

In the early 1990s, Christine Todd Whitman was one of the most recognizable lawmakers in the country. And as the Republican governor of Blue State New Jersey, she was one of the rising stars in the GOP. 

Whitman, though, was no fan of Donald Trump and the direction of the Republican party. In 2020, she announced that she would be supporting Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump. The former New Jersey governor even spoke at the Democratic National Convention. 

During a weekend appearance on MSNBC, she told host Jonathan Capehart, "Let me just say, I don't think there is a Republican Party, there is a cult around Donald Trump."

Whitman elaborated, "They didn't adopt a platform in 2020, which meant that they didn't set out what they stood for. It was whatever Donald Trump tells us we should stand for today, that's what we'll stand for."

The former New Jersey Governor closed:

"So it's not a party as we have known it. Believe what he says. He says what he's going to do. Believe him. He will tear down the very guardrails of our democracy — the rule of law the respect for the constitution. I mean that's going to go with him because he said he's going to do it. And no one should question that. He means what he says."