Ex Fox News Host Says She Was Propositioned by Donald Trump

Shortly before his became President, an Access Hollywood video was leaked where Donald Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. There are currently 25 women who have accused the President of sexual misconduct. Trump vowed to sue many of these accusers, but the lawsuits never came.

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

This week saw, not necessarily, a new accusation of sexual misconduct, but a story of an inappropriate proposition from Trump. Former Fox News host Courtney Friel says the President invited her to Trump Tower to kiss.

Friel, who now works for KTLA in Los Angeles, told the tale in an upcoming book. She shared an excerpt with the New York Daily News.

According to the news anchor, she was contacted by Trump after expressing interest in being a Miss USA Judge.

She says Trump first told her she was “the hottest one at Fox News.” He then explained to Friel that she, “couldn’t be a judge since I worked at a different network, he did ask me about my career goals and complimented my work at FNC.”

Friel continues, “Then, out of nowhere, he said: ‘You should come up to my office sometime, so we can kiss.” She says she turned down the proposition as they were both married.

The anchor claims that, thanks to her experience with Trump, she believes his accusers. “This proposition made it difficult for me to report with a straight face on Trump running for president,” Friel says. “It infuriated me that he would call all the women who shared stories of his bold advances liars. I totally believe them.”

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