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Ex: Defense Sec. Hagel: Trump’s Alleged Remarks “Fit a Pattern”

Ex: Defense Sec. Hagel: Trump’s Alleged Remarks “Fit a Pattern”

Over the last 4 days, the focus of the political world has been on Donald Trump’s alleged slurs against the media. Conservative pundits like Jeanine Pirro has called the allegations lies, even after they are confirmed by her own colleagues.

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Those on the left, however, say that Trump’s reported comments aren’t that hard to believe when you consider his history. That was the take of former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel when he appeared on ABC News This Week.

Hagel, who served in the Obama Administration, made the comments to host Martha Raddatz. “You can go through a litany of past things that he said from his mouth, actions that he’s taken, and it corroborates really the Goldberg article in The Atlantic.”

The former official, who is a registered Republican said he was offended by the way Trump spoke of John McCain. He also mentioned, “how he degraded the service of Generals Mattis and McMaster, and just recently, General Kelly.”

Hagel told Raddatz that he doesn’t think that the President respects the sacrifice of the military. “He’ll use them,” he said. “Of course, he’s used them in the last three and a half years as props in his actions, in his statements. No president has ever done that – use your veterans, use your active military as props.”

Watch a clip of Hagel’s comments below, courtesy of ABC News:


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