Convict Eoin Higgins Accuses Trump Resistance of Being ‘Grifters’

Social media can be quite a powerful tool, used both by those wishing to take advantage of people, as well as those looking to change the world in a positive manner. The Trump presidency has spawned a whole slew of individuals on both sides of the aisle, some good and some bad. While I will be the first one to tell you that not everything you hear online is true, one specific article written by convict named Eoin Higgins seems to take the cake for ‘hit-piece’ of the year.

Eoin, who published a story just yesterday for The Outline titled ‘Meet the most insidious #Resistance grifters,’ systematically tries to discredit some of the loudest voices on social media, all who happen to be speaking out against the President’s seemingly incriminating agenda.

The list of individuals he attacks is quite lengthy, including former FBI director James Comey, former George W. Bush speechwriter, David Frum, Stormy Daniel’s attorney and possible presidential candidate in 2020, Michael Avenatti, former head of the CIA, John Brennan, author Malcolm Nuance, former George W. Bush WH Communications Director, Nicolle Wallace, and several twitter personalities including Ed Krassenstein, Myself (Brian Krassenstein), Amy Siskind, Seth Abramson, Scott Dworkin, Eric Garland and others.

In an effort to try and discredit Ed Krassenstein and me, he goes as far as trying to claim that our new children’s novel, “How The People Trumped Ronald Plump,” is “an absolutely bizarre liberal fetish porn extravaganza,” because of the image of a shirtless Robert Moral character shown below:

Image: How the People Trumped Ronald Plump

When I reached out to Higgins requesting that he remove the defaming content which claims I’m marketing “porn” to children and that any judge would likely agree with me that the image above is not pornography, he responded with a snarky, “I talked to a judge and he said it’s porn.”

Mr. Higgins also made the following false claim about Ed Krassenstein and me, stating that “The twin brothers — who previously bilked their online audiences by promoting Ponzi schemes on their financial-chat boards — have risen to prominence by tweeting insipid exhortations of no particular consequence.”

The problem is that we never bilked anyone out of money and have never been charged with a crime in our lives. The legal issues we had years ago were civil, not criminal, and stemmed from banner ads that one of our businesses sold to an unknown group of scammers. No charges were ever filed and we agreed to turn over funds paid unbeknownst to us by the fraudulent group.

Higgins also oddly seems to consider anyone who sells anything, or even those considering running for office, like Michael Avenatti, while speaking out against Trump, to be “insidious grifters”.

Higgins, who himself leverages his Twitter following in order to sell a $5 per month newsletter that he says will ‘help me continue my work,’ appears to have all these ‘insidious #Resistance grifters,’ beat in one category, and that’s criminal convictions. Higgins pled guilty in 2006 to Assault as well as Driving Under the Influence in the State of Washington. We reached out to Higgins asking if he has any remorse for what he did, but he refused to comment.

Mr. Higgins may simply be looking to further his career by leveraging his social media following and the following of those he attacks, to drive traffic to his article, and at the same time, convince those readers to subscribe to his paid newsletter.

Perhaps he is a changed man since the days of his assault and DUI conviction and frankly, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the hypocrisy of attacking people as insidious grifters, for actions which mostly pale in comparison to his own, really has me baffled.

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