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Ex-CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Pleads With the Media to Keep Reporting on Uvalde

Ex-CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Pleads With the Media to Keep Reporting on Uvalde

There is a reason that Republican lawmakers and media members always offer thoughts and prayers following a mass shooting. They are attempting to pretend to care long enough for something to replace the shooting in the news cycle.

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Brooke Baldwin, a 14-year veteran of CNN, knows this all too well. In a recent column for the Atlantic, the former anchor pleaded with the media to continue reporting on the story.

Baldwin began, “I brought together survivors of Parkland with survivors of Columbine, to reflect on two school shootings that occurred two decades apart. I looked these survivors in the eye and believed, along with them, that change was going to come. Now I know how unsure that change is. That’s partly because of political inaction; Washington hasn’t changed gun laws much. But it’s also because of media coverage.”

The former CNN host continued:

“After a week or 10 days, the outraged public grows tired of hearing about the carnage, loss and inaction. The audience starts to drop off. The ratings dip. And networks worry about their bottom line. And while the journalists in the field have compassion for the victims of these tragic stories, their bosses at the networks treat the news as ratings-generating revenue sources. No ratings? Less coverage. It’s as simple as that.”

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Baldwin also noted, “Reporters should pound on the doors of senators who continue to vote no on gun-control legislation, who are prepared to sacrifice lives on the altar of the NRA and the good ol’ boys.”

Read the full column here


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