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Ex-Bush Adviser: Trump has No Respect for His Voters, Treats Them Like Rubes [WATCH]

Ex-Bush Adviser: Trump has No Respect for His Voters, Treats Them Like Rubes [WATCH]

Following the 1/6 insurrection, Donald Trump lost the support of some Republican voters. And according to polling, he has lost even more due to the Congressional 1/6 hearings.

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But the majority of GOP voters are still behind the former President. And there is seemingly nothing he can do to lose their support. During a recent segment on MSNBC, Matthew Dowd opined that Trump has no respect for his backers.

Talking to Nicolle Wallace, the former Republican strategist remarked:

“I actually think that most of the leaders of the Republican Party, including Donald Trump and [Kevin] McCarthy and many others, have no respect for their voters. They treat them as rubes. They lie to them. They talk about them in the back rooms knowing full well what the truth is. But they think, ‘I’m going to feed our voters a bunch of stuff that we don’t even care about but we’re going to do it because that’s how they respond.’ They have zero respect. That’s what I’m amazed it has not come through clearer. That’s the argument I would be making if I were a Republican in that moving it is, ‘These folks have no respect for you. They don’t care about you. They think you are a bunch of idiots. That’s why they do and treat you the way they treat you.’ That’s what I think the fundamental reality is.”

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Dowd continued, “But he has gone no further to expand that courage and take on Donald Trump and take on the pillars of the party. Which I think leaves Mike Pence with the slimmest of group of voters in the Republican Party. Which is the group of voters that wanted him to be courageous for a couple hours but don’t do anything against Donald Trump the rest of the way. That’s the smallest group of voters in the Republican Party.”

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