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EW Jackson Declares Everything He Disagrees With to Be a Satanic Plot

EW Jackson Declares Everything He Disagrees With to Be a Satanic Plot

Right-wing pastor, conspiracy theorist, outspoken homophobe, and failed 2013 candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia EW Jackson claimed at the Family Research Council’s “Pray Vote Stand” conference on Thursday that political ideologies other than his own are “the work of the Devil” and that secular Americans should find another country in which to live if they are averse to being subjected to tyrannical religious rule.

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First, Jackson had a message for people who disagree with his religious fundamentalist philosophy – they can go elsewhere.

“For those who have nothing good to say about our country, I have no problem reminding them there are boats and planes leaving every day. Fly where you want to go and go there,” he said.

“Patriotism comes from the word ‘pater,’ meaning love of or honor of the father. And it’s not just about our Founding Fathers; it’s about the Father God who gave us this nation. And if you really believe that this nation is the gift that God gave to you, to your children, and to your grandchildren, then you ought to be willing to say, ‘I’m not going to let some bunch of Marxists and socialists and communists take this nation away and rob my posterity of the great gift that God has given us,'” said Jackson.

As he continued to shout about how unfair it is to be a Christian in the United States, Jackson insisted that he and his flock are “positive” and “optimistic” but that the Devil is really trying their patience.

“You know, we are Christians are positive people and optimistic people and we often think about things we can do and things we can build. But I want to remind you that God gave us a negative responsibility too, and the negative responsibility is to destroy the works of the Devil. And that’s what we’re dealing with, works of the Devil,” he declared.

Jackson then suggested that everything he personally abhors – namely, key social equality issues – of having originated in Hell.

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“Make no mistake about it: Marxism is a work of the devil! Socialism is a work of the devil! Transgenderism is a work of the devil! Homosexuality is a work of the devil! Abortion is the work of the devil! And we say, ‘Satan, we’re going to tear your kingdom down!’ They can call us whatever they want. But we’re gonna stand victorious before God because you can’t defeat Jesus Christ, and you can’t defeat God’s word, and you can’t defeat truth,” Jackson proclaimed. “America’s not going down. God is going to do a work in our country to bring us out of this mess. Awakening is on the way. All you got to do is step up, stand up, speak up, and don’t back down! We read the back of the book and we win!”

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