Even Trump’s Biggest Defenders (Including Lindsey Graham) Hope He Avoids Talking Impeachment At State Of The Union — Report

President Donald Trump isn’t known to shy away from talking up his “accomplishments,” and at his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Americans would be right to expect him to mention beating an attempt to impeach and remove him from office in Congress.

Trump won’t officially be acquitted until Wednesday, but all indications are that he’s not going to be found guilty of — or at least removed over — the two articles of impeachment that were laid out against him.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Still, in spite of this “victory” for the president, Senators, including some of the most vociferous proponents of him, are hopeful Trump avoids talking at all about impeachment during his address on Tuesday, according to a report from CNN.

When asked about the subject, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who defended the president (and attacked Democrats) at most every turn during the impeachment saga, said “most people” are ready to move on from the subject.

“I hope he is, too, because I am,” Graham said.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, another ardent supporter of Trump’s, echoed Graham’s remarks, saying she and other senators want to “get back to things people want to focus on.”

In spite of those desires, Blackburn is wrong to assume most people want the Senate trial to end — indeed, half of America wants to see Trump removed from office.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll from the end of January found that 50 percent of Americans want Trump to be indicted in the Senate, while only 43 percent want him to be acquitted.

A Senate acquittal and continued attention on Trump’s impeachment may also hurt vulnerable Republicans in states where they’re running for re-election this fall — including seats held by Arizona Sen. Martha McSally, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, and Maine Sen. Susan Collins.

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