Even The GOP Is Saying Trump’s Handling Of COVID-19 Is ‘Another Nail’ In His 2020 Coffin

President Donald Trump has not had a good time of it when it comes to handling the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, in many people’s eyes, it has been a catastrophe.

The White House/Flickr

Now, he wants to reopen the nation when cases are still cropping up, the “curve” of new cases has not flattened, and doctors, nurses, and hospitals still do not have the materials they need. He is not handling this well, and his party knows it.

As we all muddle through this, it is also an election year. That is not lost on Trump’s fellow Republicans, either.

One GOPer that knows the figures inside the White House well sat down to talk to Politico, and admitted that the catastrophe that is this pandemic response has had a significant negative impact on Trump’s reelection chances. The anonymous Republican said:

“If the testing does not get sorted out as soon as possible, it will be another nail in an almost closed coffin.”

Another Trump lackey, also speaking on condition of anonymity, agreed:

“The biggest political narrative that threatens them now is that they were slow to respond to the virus — and testing is a key component of the ‘slow start’ narrative, especially with the early testing fiascos.”

Only time will tell if these people are correct, but there is no denying that a lot of lies have been told, and they are trying to reopen the nation when the COVID-19 situation still isn’t in good shape. Things being handled badly when American lives are being lost never bodes well for reelection, and nor should it.

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