Even Steve Bannon Thinks Trump is Too Addled to Run Again in 2024

As the architect of his 2016 campaign, Steve Bannon is as responsible for Donald Trump's political ascendancy than anyone. Now a political pundit, Bannon has continuously supported the former President and his movement. 

That may be coming to a change, though. During a recent show, Bannon discussed Trump and his separation from reality. According to Bannon, Trump is currently too mentally addled to serve as the President of the United States. 

Infuriated by Trump's constant legal cases, the host began, "There is no law they won't trample. There's no trick they won't pull. There's nothing that they will not do on lawfare."

The former Trump staffer continued:

"And that's why the inflation number yesterday shocked them. Every part of the apparatus is focused on one thing and that is the complete and total destruction of Donald J. Trump. So that even if he was to take the White House in November this year that, he would be too politically, financially, and quite frankly, physically and maybe even mentally hurt that he then couldn't effectively govern."

The GOP sycophant continued, ""They are so afraid of MAGA's return to power that they are out in a full-scale operation to destroy the [former] president of the United States, President Trump."

Watch a clip of the segment here