Even Republicans Are Tired of Greene’s Antics

Now that she can’t do any actual work in Congress after being removed from her Committee assignments, all Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia seems to do with her time is grandstand on the House floor to try to force the body to adjourn before any pesky bills that might help people get passed on to the Senate. The darling of the GOP only last month, Greene is said to be wearing out her welcome very quickly.

This was proven in an act of unexpected bipartisanship on Wednesday, as a number of Republicans crossed the aisle to side with Democrats after she forced her third vote so far on adjourning the U.S. House of Representatives.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

“I rise today to inform Democrats the radical path you’re taking will cause you to lose in 2022,” Greene said, also calling the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief bill “shameful” and claiming that the police were being put on Joe Biden’s “hit list”.

Greene then called for the House to be adjourned in protest, forcing members to return to the chamber to cast votes for the third time in the span of several days. Her effort to adjourn the House for the day to protest over upcoming votes on the Democrats’ election and police reform bills was defeated with 18 Republicans joining all Democrats in voting No.

Several House Republicans were said to be”ticked off” by Greene’s erratic and often hateful behavior, as well as her repeated attention-seeking stunts.

Protest votes such as this slow down the smooth flow of business in the House, ensuring longer hours in session, slowing down the review and passage of legislation in the chamber. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is also currently pulling similar stunts in the Senate.

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