Even Jeanine Pirro is Blasting Kristi Noem Over Dog Murder

While she might have once worked as an judge, Jeanine Pirro is more than willing to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt regarding bad behavior. According to the Fox News personality, Donald Trump has really never done anything wrong in his life. 

Kristi Noem, the Republican South Dakota Governor recently admitted (bragged) about killing a puppy for acting like a puppy. Noem seems to have crossed a red line where no member of the Right-Wing media is willing to defend her, not even Jeanine Pirro. 

On last night's episode of The Five, Pirro tore into Noem. She began, "I have four rescues and I have a puppy and I have to tell you. You know, what she's done, is that she's sabotaged herself, whether or not it was to buttress whatever is coming down the road. But she's also managed to unite the Right and Left, because America, if nothing else, we are dog lovers.

Pirro continued, "and don't tell me you shot a pup because it wasn't used to hunting. You know, maybe you're not a good teacher."

The Fox host closed, "and the whole thing with the chickens, you know. Were the chickens dead, was the dog on their property? Should your dog have been on a leash? Should your farm have been fenced? I can go on and on because I love dogs."