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Even Donald Trump’s Favorite Poll Has Him Bottoming Out

Even Donald Trump’s Favorite Poll Has Him Bottoming Out

Donald Trump’s favorite polling agency has always been Rasmussen, based in. When the President tweets out an image of a poll that shows him with over a 50% approval rating, it usually comes from them. Rasmussen had a good showing during the 2016 election, showing Hillary Clinton with only a 2% popular vote lead.

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The website, 538.com, ranks Rasmussen as a reliable polling service but also assigns a 1.5% Republican partisan lean to their numbers. So it must have been a shock for the White House to see Trump with a 15% net negative approval rating in Thursday’s numbers.

On Monday, pollster Josh Jordan predicted that bad numbers could be coming for Trump. He tweeted, “Rasmussen: Trump approval falls five net points to 43-55, his worst day since April 13th. Most interestingly, today is his worst ‘approval index’ (strongly approve minus strongly disapprove) since January *2019.* His strongly approve is at 31%, strongly disapprove at 47%.”

And those numbers got worse on Wednesday. Today’s 42% job approval against a 57% disapproval stands as Trump’s worst rating in 2 years. Some of the drop is attributed to the President’s calls to investigate MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough for murder.

Activist Amy Siskind wrote of the poll, “This seems significant: Trump’s approval with his favorite pollster conservative Rasmussen has him down to 42% approve, 57% disapprove. You have to go back more than 2 years, to January 2018 to find his approval that low.”

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