Even 3-in-4 Republicans Admit That Trump Is A Narcissist, Poll Finds

A poll produced by Pew Research Center showcases that Republican voters are absolutely head-over-heels for President Donald Trump, believing him to have many of the qualities he himself espouses.

While only half of the U.S. population believe the word “intelligent” describes Trump, 79 percent of Republican-leaning voters say he fits the word. And while 3-out-of-5 Americans say he’s prejudiced, just 35 of Republicans say as much.

The White House/Flickr

Meanwhile, 71 percent of Republicans think Trump is honest, and 62 percent of them say he’s morally upstanding.

However, even though GOP-leaning Americans have apparently “drank the Kool-Aid” when it comes to their views on Trump, giving him cult-like status among a large voting bloc in the United States, even Republicans can’t deny the fact that Trump behaves like a narcissist — and that his behavior overall isn’t admirable.

According to Pew, which conducted its research in the first half of February during the final days of the Senate impeachment trial (as well as during and after Trump’s State of the Union address), 80 percent of the population describes the president as “self-centered.” Republicans agree — 73 percent of them say the term is a good descriptor for him.

And when it comes to his behavior, only 1-in-3 Republicans say they “like” his personal conduct while in office, while 50 percent say they have “mixed feelings” about it.

To compare with the overall population once more, only 15 percent of Americans “like” how Trump behaves, while 53 percent say they “don’t like” his behavioral traits.

In 2018, Trump suggested that he was someone to emulate. “I think I am a great moral leader,” he said at a news conference in November of that year, per reporting from TIME.

Republican voters may think he’s upstanding in a lot of ways that the general public disagrees with. But even most supporters of own political party recognize that he’s a self-centered, narcissistic leader.

Featured image credit: The White House/Flickr

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