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Evangelical Pastor Says God Raised Up Trump to Begin End Times and Second Coming

Evangelical Pastor Says God Raised Up Trump to Begin End Times and Second Coming

In the middle part of December 2019, Evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, released a scathing editorial on Donald Trump’s character. The President eager to reconnect with his Christian voters and an event has been scheduled at Miami megachurch, Jesus Is King International Ministries.

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The event was not without controversy as the pastor of the church, Guillermo Maldonado had previously spoken in tongues and performed other rites outside of the Christian mainstream. The pastor also has a strong opinion on Trump, saying that he has been raised up by God and this will begin end times and the second coming.

Maldonado often discusses his visions with his parishioners. The pastor refers to himself as an “apostle” with a special connection with God.

He recently told his church, “America, I have prepared this time, I have raised somebody in office to open the doors for my gospels. And the Lord said, ‘America, open your eyes. Do not miss the time of your visitation. Do not miss the time of your visitation,’ says God.”

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Predicting an arising civil war, Maldonado continued, “The Lord showed me what is going to happen in America. What you saw, there’s a white horse that has been released upon the earth of civil wars. That horse is coming upon America.”

The church is scheduled to hold an Evangelicals for Trump event which will begin over the weekend. The atheist group, the Freedom from Religion Foundation has requested that Maldonado and his church be investigated for violating its tax-exempt status.

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