Evangelical Pastor Calls Bolton ‘Benedict Arnold,’ Says Jesus Would Have ‘Beat The Crap’ Out Of Him

A far-right Christian pastor who is very clearly aligned with President Donald Trump took aim at the president’s former national security adviser earlier this week, comparing him to one of the most celebrated traitors in American history.

Rodney Howard-Browne, a Pentecostal pastor from Kentucky (originally born in South Africa) who has met and prayed with Trump, lashed out at John Bolton on Monday over news that emanated over the weekend about a planned book by Bolton that suggested within its pages that the president had confirmed that military aid withheld from Ukraine had a political and personal purpose.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

“You are a slime ball of the highest order,” Howard-Browne said in a series of tweets, per reporting from Newsweek. “I should have knocked your sorry butt through the door of the Oval Office into the rose garden when I saw you. I would have gladly been arrested.”

The pastor described Bolton as a “Benedict Arnold” and added, “I am glad you were fired!”

Howard-Browne is a proponent of the so-called “laughing revival” form of ministry, wherein parishioners will sometimes begin laughing uncontrollably during services, sometimes falling to the floor while doing so. Churches following this brand of worship can end up having many bodies rolling on the ground in laughter as a result.

But Howard-Browne was in no laughing mood on Monday. Bolton is “disloyal to the President and loyal to the deep state,” Howard-Browne maintained. “WWJD: He would have made a whip and beat the crap out of him!!!!”

Howard-Browne’s undaunted praise of Trump has sometimes come with false notions that the president has promoted the religion, even when his “actions” were somewhat meaningless. Earlier this month, Trump signed an executive order that Howard-Browne suggested made it so Christian students could pray in schools without repercussions.

“Prayer is now officially allowed back in public schools, students are allowed to meet & practice religion freely in their public schools without fear of retribution,” the pastor said.

Federal law never restricted students from being able to read Bibles, pray on school grounds, or practice their faith to their liking.

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