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Evangelical Leader Calls Trump ‘Anointed,’ Prays For ‘Boomerang’ Of Punishment Against His Detractors

Evangelical Leader Calls Trump ‘Anointed,’ Prays For ‘Boomerang’ Of Punishment Against His Detractors

Lance Wallnau describes himself as “one of only three evangelical leaders to accurately predict Donald Trump’s Presidency from the moment he began his campaign” on his about page. So it should come as no shock that the Evangelical leader is a hard-core proponent of the president’s message.

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Indeed, Wallnau has described Trump in biblical terms in the past, calling him a “modern-day Cyrus” due to his stances on Israel.

Because of his deep support for Trump, Wallnau on Friday shared a video of himself praying for the president — and also begging for God to punish Democrats or others who supported impeachment.

“I pray that every weapon formed against him will not only fail, it will boomerang,” Wallnau said, according to Right Wing Watch. “That every pit that has been dug for him to fall into, his enemies will fall into. That every net that has been cast to snare him will become a snare for those that have set it.”

Wallnau also said in his prayer that Trump was “anointed,” and prayed for God not to allow others to touch him with their criticisms.

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“Lord, they are not battling with a man, they’re battling with the intercession and mercy of God over America,” Wallnau said in his video.

Wallnau also prayed for the persuasion of the American public, “to beat against the battering ram of deception and mind control” used by those who oppose Trump.

Wallnau has made a brand for himself, selling tickets to events where he praises Trump for as high as $1,000 a pop. He once hosted a “spiritual warfare” event in Washington D.C. over Labor Day weekend, for example, and promoted the event by saying “God sent Trump [as] a ‘wrecking ball.'”

The Evangelical leader also once peddled Trump “gold-plated” coins for $45 a piece, a rate that many experts have warned in other gold coin schemes is much, much higher than what the coin is actually worth. Wallnau claimed the Trump coins acted as a “point of contact” between the owner and God.

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