Evangelical Coach: Don’t Demand Justice For George Floyd If You Don’t Also Want Hillary Clinton Dead

A coach whose claim to fame is that he continued to pressure student-athletes to pray after being ordered by courts to stop, resulting in his school paying a $18k settlement, used his web show last Friday to address the George Floyd killing. More specifically, he decried calls for justice, saying that it doesn’t make sense to demand justice for one man killed by police when Hillary Clinton is allowed to walk around alive after Benghazi.

Floyd justice equals Clinton dead says COach Dave
[Screenshot via YouTube/Coach Dave TV]
Dave Daubenmire opened Friday’s show complaining about the fact that people are speaking out against racism. He indicated that it’s not fair that white people aren’t allowed to be racists, but can be the subject of mocking sites such as People of Walmart. He postulated that racism can’t be real, since, he says, there’s only one race, the human race. “Racism is a made-up word by the CIA to bring dissent and division,” Daubenmire claimed. He also threw in a complaint about how unfair it is that he’s not allowed to use “the n-word” racial slur.

That’s all in the first eight-and-a-half minutes. Then he moves on to George Floyd.

The fact that that guy got killed, I feel bad he got killed, I feel the police, I don’t know. See, again, I’m not gonna fall in line and say like everybody else says, this guy oughta be hung or he ought to be charged with murder. That’s why we have a justice system. et the justice system work. Hillary Clinton is still walking around after being responsible for the deaths of at least four men in Benghazi. She’s still walking around and I don’t hear anyone calling for her to be dead.

Daubenmire admits in his own bio that he was part of a lawsuit for pushing prayer on students. However, Forbes reported in 2014 that Coach Dave attempted to return to coaching, 14 years after stepping down as his school was forced to pay an $18k settlement. He was rejected, Forbes reports, not because of religion, but because of views including that anti-bullying programs are about the “homosexual movement,” and that men are being “sissified,” which they feared might result in further behaviors leading to lawsuits.

His full video can be seen below.

Republicans have repeatedly called for Hillary Clinton to face consequences for the deaths in Benghazi, despite ten investigations into the events, six of which were led by Republican-controlled House committees. All of these failed to conclude that Clinton should face any charges, much less be put to death.

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