Evangelical Christian Radio Host Says Nothing Indicates Trump Has No Morals

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Conservative Christian Radio Show Host David Barton wants his followers to know that nothing about Trump’s actions have indicated a lack of morals. That’s the message Barton delivered this week on his Wallbuilders Live radio program.

Using a typical far-right evangelical selling point, Barton claims that Trump’s deeds are all in the past and therefore forgiven.

“When we say Trump’s position and values, those were all in a former life. I’ve seen nothing in this administration to indicate a lack of good morals, quite frankly,” Barton said.

Tim Barton, his son, went a step farther, claiming that Trump “is almost a similar personification, on some levels, of [Benjamin] Franklin.” Both men started out secular and later became allegedly religious

David Barton then claimed that Trump surrounding evangelical leaders makes him a good person.

“When you look over the last five, six years, I don’t know of any moral behavior problems that we can point to like were out there during the campaign and have been in the news recently,” he said. “Those go back a few years.”

“It’s kind of like King David,” he added. “I can’t judge King David solely on the basis of Bathsheba because there is a point in time at which he moved past that.”

Here’s a clip of the conversation:

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