Etsy Isn’t The First Jared Kushner Tenant To Struggle With The Association

Etsy has recently faced controversy over their connection to Jared Kushner. It turns out, they’re not the only company to be forced to consider what it might mean to be associated with the politically infamous name.

Jared Kushner's name has become toxic alongside Trump's
[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

As reported last week, Etsy has been called out for being the main tenant in one of Kushner’s properties. It means that small craft-centric business owners may be forced to decide whether they can open shops on the platform, resulting in their sales financially supporting a company that in turn is financially beneficial to Jared Kushner.

It’s not entirely a new concern, though. Buzzfeed reported in 2017 that another company was forced to choose between office space in the same building — called “Dumbo Heights” — in Brooklyn. Then, it was the U.S. operation of The Guardian.

In fact, for the media company, it wasn’t just customers or employees moral views that came into play. It was in part about confidential sources and, in particular, ‘leakers.’ Could an informant connected to the White House, for example, feel safe about their privacy when their words were being printed in a building owned by someone so close to the president in both family and business senses? Trump complained about ‘leakers’ and anonymous sources throughout his presidential term, and called for punishment for the act of informing the public.

According to Bloomberg, the connection from Kushner to the building may not be entirely direct, but also isn’t really eliminated. He divested “some assets” upon joining Trump’s White House team — but these were transferred to family members, and “the exact nature of the transfers has never been made clear.”

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