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Estimate: At Least 20 Current GOP Congresspeople Won’t Be Voting For Trump

Estimate: At Least 20 Current GOP Congresspeople Won’t Be Voting For Trump

Donald Trump is easily one of the most unpopular president’s in American history. His approval rating has basically floated somewhere between 40-45% his entire term. And not only is he unpopular with Democrats, he is also unpopular with Republicans.

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The president often touts his approval rating among his party, often putting it at an unrealistic 94 of 95%. The truth is the number is closer to 87 or 88%. And that doesn’t include the large number of Republicans who have left the party since Trump took control.

While many of those Republicans, like the members of the Lincoln Project, have stopped serving the party, some anti-Trump Republicans are still in office. Popular governors like Charlie Baker and Larry Hogan have made their opposition to Trump public.

And according to Dave Wasserman from the Cook Political Report, others have kept their silence. Wasserman estimates that at least 20 current GOP Representatives won’t be voting for Donald Trump.

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Francis Rooney, a retiring congressperson from Pennsylvania’s 19th District, recently aired his grievances with Trump. He said of Joe Biden, “What he’s always been is not scary. A lot of people that voted for President Trump did so because they did not like Hillary Clinton. I don’t see that happening with Joe Biden — how can you not like Joe Biden?”

Vermont’s popular governor, Phil Scott, recently issued similar statements. He said in August, “I won’t be voting for President Trump. I have not decided, at this point, whether to cast a vote for former Vice President Biden, but it’s something that I would consider.”


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