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Erin Burnett: Vengeful Donald Trump ‘Not Right in the Mind’

Erin Burnett: Vengeful Donald Trump ‘Not Right in the Mind’

President Donald Trump is hellbent on exacting revenge on those whom he views as responsible for his election loss to President-Elect Joe Biden, and he is pulling out all the stops to do so during his final days in office, CNN’s Erin Burnett charged on Tuesday’s edition of Out Front.

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“President Trump tonight wants the Justice Department to help him get even with his political enemies, pushing extensively, we are learning tonight, for the acting attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen, to name two special counsels,” Burnett said. “And CNN also learning that the president is now asking those around him if he, himself, can appoint the special counsels. The answer is, no, no, he cannot, according to Justice Department rules, so he needs to have a pliable attorney general to do so.”

But as everyone knows all too well at this point, Trump lives in a reality concocted inside his saffron head.

“Facts and laws, of course, don’t seem to matter to Trump. He wants one special counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and the other to investigate the president’s baseless claims of election fraud.” said Burnett. “In the case of Hunter Biden, there’s already an investigation. In the case of the election, the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Supreme court, courts across this country, all the states, the list goes on and on — there’s no there there.”

Trump is out for blood, because not only is he incapable of accepting defeat after a lifetime of failing upward, the president, Burnett explained, has totally succumbed to his imaginary universe.

“Trump doesn’t care about the truth. We all know that this is now about one thing and one thing only, and that is revenge against the man he sees as his enemy, Joseph R. Biden,” Burnett continued. “And it comes as sources tell CNN that the president has pulled a 180, no longer privately, quote/unquote, ‘getting the joke,’ not that it was ever funny. But he used to privately accept the reality that he lost the election, but now, no. He’s now starting to believe his own lies, that the election was stolen. and this comes while some thought this talk of a rigged election was, you know, just talk, right?”

Burnett said that Trump’s election fraud scam “was all about making money. Go get a radio show, make a lot of money because you never had as much as you said you had. You would stay relevant, be a kingmaker. That’s what it was all about. But after 39 days and roughly 1,100 tweets, mostly false claims about the election, and ‘The election was rigged. So many votes were stolen. We won the election easily,’ he now believes that, so much so that Trump has told some advisers that he may not leave the White House on Inauguration Day.”

The president is “literally saying such a thing, putting words to the sentiment. and one adviser telling CNN, quote, ‘He’s throwing an effing temper tantrum. He’s going to leave. He’s just lashing out.’ Okay. That description is the behavior of a person not right in the mind,” said Burnett, suggesting that Trump is less mature than a toddler.

“Let’s just say it is like it is. Temper tantrums, lashing out, talking about not leaving the White House. Trump is not 4, right? He’s 74, and despite his increasingly deranged delusions,” Burnett concluded, “he still has the power to instill cowardice and fear and sycophancy in others, like the chair of the committee who held a hearing today on something that did not impact the election, fraud, a hearing that should never have even taken place, according to Trump’s own former top elections security official, Chris Krebs.”

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