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Eric Trump Tries to Make Joe Biden Look Corrupt With Picture, Fails Miserably

Eric Trump Tries to Make Joe Biden Look Corrupt With Picture, Fails Miserably

The Trump campaign has spent the last week working as hard as they can to make Joe Biden look corrupt. First came the hole laden New York Post Hunter Biden story that might have come from Russia.

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When that didn’t move the needle, they tried to mock the former Vice President for sharing loving texts he sent to his son who was in rehab. That only resulted in people thinking of Biden as a caring and loving father.

Members of Trump’s immediate family weren’t about to stop the barrage against Biden. On Saturday, Eric Trump shared a tweet of Biden’s house asking where the money came from to afford such a property. It was quickly pointed out to the president’s on that Biden hadn’t lived in that house for decades.

Eric Trump posted a picture of a large house on his Twitter feed. He wrote, “The salary of a U.S. Senator is $174,000 per year. This is Joe Biden’s house…. seems legit.”

David Gura, from NBC News, was quick to correct the record. He responded to the tweet, “In 1974, Joe Biden bought this house in Greenville, Delaware, for $185,000. He sold the property 24 years ago.”

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Of course, there are few questions about Joe Biden’s finances. Prior to the first debate, the former Vice President released his most recent tax returns.

Donald Trump, however, has desperately tried to hide his tax records from the American public. A recent investigation from the New York Times shows that the current president pays next to nothing.



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