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Eric Trump Tries To Divert Public Attention From Any Possible Criminal Activity

Eric Trump Tries To Divert Public Attention From Any Possible Criminal Activity

Eric Trump took a page from his dad’s playbook on Thursday morning. Trump spent a large portion of the day on Twitter, pointing proverbial fingers and trying to divert attention from the myriad of misdeeds and possible crimes his family has been accused of committing.

Specifically, Eric wants the public to ignore James Comey’s testimony while focusing on the fact that Comey leaked information. He also wants to bring attention to his charitable giving while ignoring that he stands accused of diverting donations to boost his own interests.

Unlike Donald Trump, Eric did fewer of his own tweets, instead, retweeting pundits and politicians who expressed support for his family’s actions. However, he started the morning with a call for everyone to forget about the Comey hearing, which he referred to as a ‘charade,’ and focus on making America great.

Even in this, though, Trump leaned heavily on the words of another: Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary, who tweeted that the most important thing Comey had to say was that it’s true Trump himself, as an individual, is not under investigation.

Later, he retweeted RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and TV host Bill O’Reilly, both maintaining that focusing on the fact that someone leaked information was more important that what the leak contained.

Notably, that was not the position either Eric or Donald Trump took when the leaks were about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.


Both expressed annoyance that the media wasn’t focusing more closely on the content of the leaked documents when it wasn’t about their family.

Eric wasn’t only working to divert attention from James Comey’s testimony about Donald Trump’s behavior in office, though. He also took time to respond to a question about allegations of his own possible criminal actions. ABC reported Wednesday that Eric Trump funneled money that he claimed was going to a children’s cancer charity into his family’s businesses.

Pressed about it on Twitter Thursday, Eric didn’t answer the question, instead touting the money that he has donated over the years — which is surely appreciated but doesn’t negate anything underhanded he may have done with other funds that were intended for charity.

Diversion tactics have worked well for Donald Trump, allowing him to sidestep allegations from Russian collusion to sexual harassment without any severe consequences so far.

It remains to be seen whether Eric Trump is as adept at this type of sleight-of-hand. Regardless, it’s clear that his attempts at diversion today aren’t stopping James Comey’s testimony from being heard and taken seriously.

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