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Eric Trump To Fox & Friends: Squad is the Most Hate-Filled Group

Eric Trump To Fox & Friends: Squad is the Most Hate-Filled Group

Donald Trump has decided not to back down from his comments about a group of minority Congresswomen. In fact, he’s appeared to double and triple down on his initial tweets.

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The messaging strategy coming from the White House seems to focus on referring to the Squad as the real racists. Eric Trump appeared on Fox & Friends and continued this push by referring to Reps. Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley as, “the most hate-filled group.”

During his morning appearance on the show, the President’s son claimed, “This is the most hate-filled group I have ever seen before.”

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He continued the attack for blaming the Squad for liberal resistance to ICE and the President’s planned immigration raids. “They’re letting ICE offices get stormed and have the American flag ripped down and have the Mexican flag put up,” he continued. “They say anti-Semitic things every single day.” Eric Trump did not provide any kind of evidence for either of these claims.

The President’s son then claimed that the minority Congresswomen frequently accuse others of being racist. Parroting common insults from his father, Trump said, “They’re not getting anything done. If anybody thinks differently than them, if anybody looks different than them, if anybody acts different, if anybody has different beliefs or thoughts — they have no message, so what do they go do? ‘You’re a racist! You’re a this, you’re a that!”

Eric Trump finished the segment by patting his father of the back for the original messaging. “I love the tweet,” said the President’s son. “If you don’t love our country, get out. Leave.”

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