Eric Trump Reportedly Used Connections To Get COVID-19 Vaccine Early

The COVID-19 vaccination program is being rolled out gradually, with most states offering it first to those who have certain risk factors, including age or health issues. However, it appears that a medical worker may have helped Eric Trump jump the line.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]

Even as the vaccine is offered in specific groupings, individuals outside the current tier have managed to get in ahead, often simply by being available for ‘leftover’ doses. In one more bizarre story, healthcare workers stranded in snow gave out vaccines to those present, rather than let them be wasted, as CNN reported in January.

There are numerous legitimate ways that a person might luck (or maneuver) into vaccine access before their ‘turn.’ However, according to Raw Story, Eric Trump didn’t go through routes some members of the general public have tried, such as volunteering at a vaccination site, to be eligible for early access. Instead, he used his father’s name and business connections.

A source turned over a text message allegedly from Loretto Hospital chief operating officer Dr. Anosh Ahmed, boasting that during a Chicago vaccination event at Trump Tower Downtown, intended for minority workers at city hotels, he had vaccinated the former president’s son.

Front line workers, including hotel staff, have been one of the targets for early vaccinations because they come into contact with so many members of the public and are at higher risk for contracting and passing on the virus. Trump, however, does not fit the categories specified for the event, and is not a resident of Illinois.

Donald Trump’s family, including Eric, might have been among the first to receive the vaccine if earlier plans had gone forward. According to NPR‘s reporting in December, those in the White House had been considered as early recipients of vaccination, but after criticism, Trump reversed course and said that those in the White House shouldn’t be fast-tracked “unless specifically necessary.”

He did receive the vaccine himself in January before leaving office, keeping it a secret from the public.

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