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Eric Trump Projects Fears of Imprisonment Onto Nancy Pelosi

Eric Trump Projects Fears of Imprisonment Onto Nancy Pelosi

This country has endured a lot since the day Donald Trump descended that gold escalator in Trump Tower to declare his candidacy in 2016 Anyone on the left who’s survived his administration deserves the medals bestowed on Rush Limbaugh and Jim Jordan because it was a four-year marathon of enduring constant gaslighting, propaganda, and projection language.

As the great Paul Slansky coined back in the early days of the Dark Times, every accusation is a confession with Trump and his minions. It’s important to keep that in mind whenever one of them is crying about January 6th or anything else connected to the walking human misery that is the Former Guy.

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Like Marjorie Taylor Greene with her “we didn’t plan nothin’ and nobody brought no guns” bs, Eric “Maybe Daddy Will Start Loving Me Today” Trump is working triple overtime to make sure he’s broadcasting all of his personal truths under the guise of dumping them onto the Speaker of the House. It’s no secret that Nancy Pelosi scares the everliving everything out of all of the Trump men, and while they try to make her their scapegoat/whipping girl, she’s never having that.




So anyway, our pal Patriot Takes posted a video of Eric Trump confessing to being corrupt and saying he deserves to be locked up. Only he used the name “Nancy Pelosi” instead of his own, or his brother’s, sister’s, or father’s.

Ok Gums McGaryBuseyIsMyRealDad, we got it. Everything bad that happened thanks to your dad isn’t your dad’s fault. And he’s got a clear path back to the White House in 2024 despite all of the indictments against your family and friends. You’re not living in a delusional world at all, nope.


Twitter has other ideas about this take, though.

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