Eric Trump: My Father Makes Millions Every Time He Walks Into a Court Room

Donald Trump has this weird habit of constantly bragging about everything he does while also complaining about everything happening around him. It is not easy to do, but when Eric Trump acts as his father's surrogate, he often does the same. 

Eric Trump appeared on Fox News Wednesday morning to discuss his father and a current case he is fighting in New York. Like his dad, Eric complained a lot. 

Host Brian Kilmeade was interested in how Donald Trump planned on campaigning while fighting various legal problems. He asked the former President's son, "For six to eight weeks, he could be stuck in a New York courtroom. That's Monday through Thursday, eight to 10 hours a day. How do you overcome that? What's the plan to overcome it? It's not gonna be a surprise."

Eric Trump responded, "Every single time he walks into a courtroom, millions and millions of dollars flow in because the American people know exactly what's happening to him."

The problem for any Republican that isn't Donald Trump is that there is a good chance that none of that money will go to them. the former President has completed his take over of the Republican National Committee and money given to the RNC is more likely to go to legal fees than getting Conservatives elected.