Eric Trump Misrepresents 50 Cent, Ice Cube, With Photoshopped Image

Again, the Trump team is sharing misleading and manipulated images. This time, it’s Eric Trump, caught tweeting a photo of Ice Cube and 50 Cent wearing Trump hats. In the original photo, neither performer is wearing a Trump hat. In fact, though Team Trump gets excited when they can tout the support of a Black public figure, neither of these men has actually showed that level of clear-cut support for Donald Trump.

Eric Trump photoshops hats
[Image via Eric Trump/Twitter, original via Ice Cube/Twitter]

Eric tweeted the photoshopped image Tuesday morning and was very quickly called out for the misleading image.

Although Ice Cube made headlines recently for “supporting” Trump, he made it very clear that he wasn’t giving an endorsement, but that he would give suggestions and guidance regarding racial justice to any candidate or administration that would listen.

He’s also been very clear regarding what he actually thinks of Trump — tweeting criticism of the president for downplaying COVID-19, associating Trump with white power movements, and repeatedly calling out Trump for his use of force against protestors.

Then there’s 50 Cent. Yes, he did tweet “vote for Trump,” with an image that suggested Joe Biden’s plans would raise taxes significantly. (The Tax Foundation‘s assessment of Biden’s plan notes that it would affect people with incomes over $400k.)

However, as can be seen above, 50 Cent said in the same tweet that Trump hates Black people. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.

However, the Trump campaign has been working hard to reach Black voters. This could be done, perhaps, through policy, but instead, there’s a concerted effort to convince Black voters that other Black voters already support Trump — some unknown number of attendees for Trump’s post-hospitalization White House rally were actually paid to attend, and asked to wear “BLEXIT” t-shirts, Twitter has recently purged a number of fake accounts that pretended to be Black supporters of Trump, and here again is Eric with this photoshopped image.

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