Eric Trump: Lara Being Made Fun of At Correspondents' Dinner Shows She's Effective

The White House Correspondents Dinner has been a tradition in Washington DC for decades. Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers showed up, expecting to be roasted and taking it all in good fun. 

The event was stalled when Donald Trump became President. The notorious thin-skinned man did not like the idea of being made fun of, and the media didn't really want to mingle with a man who called them the enemy of the people. 

With Joe Biden back in charge, the dinner is back on and it was held last night. Donald Trump, obviously, did not show up. But his daughter-in-law and current head of the Republican National Committee, Lara Trump was there. And host Colin Jost threw a dig at her. 

"Lara Trump is here, Jost announced. "She recently released a cover of I Won’t Back Down. Upon hearing it, Tom Petty died again. I can’t believe I’m saying this to a member of the Trump family but maybe stick to politics."

Eric Trump was on Maria Bartiromo's show on Sunday morning and the topic of his wife came up. According to Eric, Jost only attacked her because she is doing such a great job. He told the host:

"Lara showed up at the Correspondents' dinner last night, she went into the if pit of snakes to say the least and into the swamp, and they had a couple of remarks about her on stage which means she's doing something effectively."